Frank DeLaMarre

A Lovely Place

Produced by Kris O'Connor,
Pete Huttlinger and Frank DeLaMarre
All songs written by Frank DeLaMarre
2000 Frank DeLaMarre (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

A Lovely Place (4:27)
When I Needed You (3:19)
Whenever You're Away From Me (3:05)
I Could Never Let You In (4:19)
Come To Me (3:27)
I've Always Been A Romantic (3:01)
Everyone Should Love A Little Bit (2:52)
I've Got Some Lovin' (2:52)
Love Couldn't Wait (3:01)
Reaching For You (4:11)
The One I'll Miss The Most (4:31)
Take Him Home (3:11)
Sarah (3:27)


Frank DeLaMarre Vocals
Jeff Cox Bass Guitar
Cindy Foss Background Vocals
Brian Fullen Drums & Percussion
Pete Huttlinger Acoustic and Electric Guitar & Mandolin
Barbara Lamb Violin/Fiddle
Allison Lorenz Background Vocals, Oboe & English Horn
Chris Nole Piano & Synthesizer

Dave Ristrim

Pedal Steel

Lilli Jolgren Day

Song Arrangements
Frank DeLaMarre
Pete Huttlinger

Vocal Arrangements
Frank DeLaMarre
Cindy Foss
Allison Lorenz

Musical Arrangements
Frank DeLaMarre
Jeff Cox
Cindy Foss
Brian Fullen
Barbara Lamb
Allison Lorenz
Pete Huttlinger
Chris Nole
Dave Ristrim

Audio Engineering
Nick Sparks
Frank Macek
Michael Saint-Leon
Frank DeLaMarre
Randy LeRoy

Recorded at Eclectic Recording Studio (Nashville, TN) by Nick Sparks, The Switch Yard (Nashville, TN) by Michael Saint-Leon and The Homestead (Brighton, MI) by Frank DeLaMarre
Mixed at Profound Sound by Frank Macek(Nashville, TN)
Mastered at Final Stage by Randy LeRoy (Nashville, TN)


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